How might we use experiential graphic design (EGD) strategies to create the most compelling Miami street-art experience.
Eaton at the Wynwood Walls
A giant-size art experience.
The Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida is a large stock of abandoned warehouses famous for its outdoor art exhibits and high-society events. It is designed to showcase work by such artists as Tristan Eaton, who's world famous large-scale murals are meticulously spray painted collages of pop imagery mixed with graffiti vernacular.
Understanding the space
Tony Goldman, the renowned placemaker, once said, "the Wynwood’s large stock of warehouse buildings, all with no windows, [are] my giant canvases to bring to them the greatest street art ever seen in one place."
Understand the art
Eaton’s pieces are enormous, and are best exhibited vertically. However, their exquisite detail requires the viewer to be able to get up-close and personal.
Build a common visual language
Miami's inspirational Art Deco treasures offer a trove of material and an aesthetic to draw from. And, set a foundation for a strong event identity.
Prepare a palette
With soft colors and bold typographic styling, this standardized visual palette holds together uniquely across the exhibit and its materials.
A communicative identity
This exhibit logo combines elements that capture the unique qualities of the venue, while capturing the scale of the artwork.
Promote with ease and simplicity
By creating a flexible identity system, a second teaser identity adds usability to increases promotion opportunities.
Street art promotion belongs at street-level
Unique banner design such as printed framed doors serve as an alternative to the expected, and activate under-utilized public space.
Promote day and night
Drone technology offers a unique, simple and non-invasive way to bring the scale of this street art to interesting and unexpected areas.
Make interesting places
Prominent spaces at the event offer placemaking opportunities. Compelling EGD communicates and builds anticipation where people gather to share the moment.
The final design execution tells an interesting art story with a Miami backdrop. It communicates how Eaton appreciates tradition as much as he seeks to break boundaries and how he should prepare for a giant Miami welcome. 

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