How do we use branding principles to build a market position and create and identity for an AI system with a creative mission?
Powered by technology. Driven by creativity.
Artsy™ is the smartest teaching assistant in the market. It was created with the belief that great art instruction improves a student's STEM performance. This AI system supports under-resourced independent artist educators in class settings, so they can focus on crafting the young leaders of tomorrow one art student at a time.
Know why it's different
Machine learning systems are complicated, and knowing the product's promise informs how  it will be identified.
Know how it works
The UX is more than the framework, it is part of the brand promise. Artsy promises a seamless experience for both educators and parents, to meet their unique needs.
Know the user
The independent artist educator (IAD) is the main driver for Artsy's brand communications and personality.
Identify it with brand attributes
The Identity communicates “potent, brainy and unique” with an anagram typography treatment and proportion formed and measured by the Fibonacci scientific theory.
Build a consistent visual language
A relevant and standardized visual palette increases understanding and promotes recall which results in increased mindshare.
Keep it interesting
One palette spanning across several engagements in a brand experience maintains interest and prevents stagnation.
Keep it consistent
The brand identity should be applied consistently across all applications.
Artsy™ is powered by technology and driven by creativity, and its brand identity holds true to that promise. It is based on scientific thinking, logical metrics, and artistic flavor. It provides simplicity and flexibility to a very powerful and complicated system. Even its logo design is informed by mathematical precision and playful aesthetics.

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