How might we use UX strategies to help people during catastrophic natural disasters?
ERD Network
Better Help for More People
Standard phone services are typically destroyed during catastrophic natural disasters, so people in devastated areas can't call for help. Plus, emergency responders don't know who needs the most help immediately after an event which limits how well they can prioritize their rescues.

Help people call for assistance even when mobile services are down.
Use mesh network technology to provide communication services to victims in a wide area.
Rebuild connections
Reinstate communication between victims and emergency responders.
Make communication universal
Connect people to emergency responders with a simple mobile app experience.
Apply robot tech only where it makes sense
Get supplies to people who are willing to stay in safe areas.  
Apply manpower where it makes a difference
Evacuate people who request emergency assistance.
The immediate solution
The "Emergency Response Drone System" establishes a mesh communication network  after commercial phone services have been destroyed in a catastrophic natural disaster. 
Room for improvements
The emergency response personnel will require a matching UX/UI solution to help them manage and track the requests, pilot the ERDs, carry out communications, manage the supply deliveries, and coordinate the rescue efforts. Also, there is an opportunity for cognitive design application and automation throughout the system. 

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