D E S I G N  O P P O R T U N I T Y
As a group, take a common space and make it a new place via EGD strategies.
Changing Spaces
We often use the spacious and sterile staircases in the Mitte art building to travel from one computer lab to another. We head toward small, human-scaled computers which we then use to enter even smaller digital spaces.
How do we converge experiences to alter perspectives and create a new place?
Scale and Rescale
Transform commonly overlooked architectural elements into new user touch-points.
Command and flow
Apply scale, language, direction, form, and dimension to frame the experience.
D E S I G N  S O L U T I O N
Command Enter. Command Return. is defined by two doors, two floors, and one staircase. A group of designers apply familiar computer language at a large scale to add an unexpected context and create a new interactive place.
Users are encouraged to “ENTER” the place, to ”SHIFT” directions midway, to explore the “SP*CE”, to consider the “OPTION" of “ESCAPE", and to eventually “RETURN".

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