How might we use a PSA campaign to raise awareness to the dangers of food addiction?
Food addiction comes in many flavors.
The German psychologist, Dr. Adrian Meule described food addiction as "consuming large amounts for a long period, [with] repeated attempts to cut down, and continued use despite adverse consequences." Ultimately, he found that education and awareness are the key factors in successfully curbing the spread of and promoting treatment for food addiction.
Show how food is addictive
Over-consumption can be compared to drug addiction.
Educate on the danger of food addiction
People may reconsider over-consumption when they know the negative impact on their health.
Show how to find help
Provide contact information for people who feel they may have a problem.
The “Food Addiction Comes in Many Flavors” campaign brings awareness to the health crisis caused by over-consumption, and informs the public of where to find help. Human-sized campaign materials are installed in urban environments, at eye-level, to maximize visibility in busy foot-traffic areas and common gathering places.

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