Simple is not easy.
I lead with “why”. 
I champion tech agnostic human-centered design, and always inform my vision with a reliable research methodology that allows the outcome to predict the medium.

I strive to impact brands
I solve complex business problems strategically and creatively.  And, I’m as much at home in large organizations as I am in smaller game-changing companies.

I obsess over craft.
I design elegant and effective experiences, and create endearing (and enduring) brand communications across a channel-less world. My process is fluid while the quality of my work is uncompromising.

I am personally committed to my profession.
I seek to be an influential voice in design, and share my enthusiasm for the socially good and ethical design practices across all disciplines, and experience levels.

I believe in keeping it simple.
And I know, as every other good designer knows, that simple is not easy. So, I recreate what works and side-step what doesn’t.

As I lead and manage, I always strive to inspire.