How might we use digital UX design strategies to improve the CARTS rider experience?
CARTS College Co-Op
A Rewarding Ride
Paul is a frequent rider that says, ”CARTS is essential to my life’s success.“ Thus, he knows this public transportation service extremely well as it keeps life affordable. However, other riding options are now available, and he finds their app experience frustrating and the service lacking in real value.
Offer a personal transportation assistant
Learn Paul's schedule to keep him on time and successful from doorstep to doorstep.
Offer a personalized and rewarding experience
Simplify the fare experience, and offer a dividend point system that rewards loyalty by the mile.
Offer daily rewards on-the-go 
Allow Paul to receive redeemable offers on his phone during the commute.
Offer a complete experience
Track Paul's schedule and location until he gets to class, even if he takes unplanned detours.
Keep the entire experience simple
Make it easy for Paul to redeem rewards so he keeps moving and stays on schedule.
The "CARTS College Co-op" program offers Paul a full-service commuting experience while rewarding loyalty through earned dividends.
The solution is centralized and managed by Paul with an easy-to-use app. It keeps him on-time and feeling valued long before his CARTS bus arrives and throughout each leg of his ride.

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