How might we use cognitive design strategies to improve the teaching experience?
Making Art Teachers Better
With funding cuts to art education because of a focus on STEM, parents are now driven to seek non-traditional classroom art instruction for their youngest children. This means that Americans are now relying more on independent artist educators (IAE) than ever before.
According to Scientific American, “Nobel laureates in the sciences are 17 times likelier than average scientists to be a painter, 12 times as likely to be a poet, and 4 times as likely to be a musician.” 
And, with new scientific research showing that every child learns differently, these valuable art teachers must now take a major leap toward improving how they prepare for and provide individual instruction. 
Artsy empowers  the independent artist educator (IAE) like nothing else before.
Teachers can now quickly understand a student's unique learning needs which allows them to more effectively cater to each student individually even in large classroom settings. Plus, it also provides tools that reinforce STEM course achievements with art class success. 

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